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Lets get serious

It is widely accepted that “the essential skills honed in physical and team based pursuits are directly transferable to the business environment” CBC whole heartedly supports this statement and we use our events to teach and develop these skills.

Just like our fitness session run on a weekly basis, we use a fun and enjoyable environment to get this message across. We are not about military ‘beasting’ but we will encourage people to push themselves beyond their usual limits or comfort zones to realise their full potential.

Over the last seven years there has been a significant rise in workplace related illness, some of the health concerns include stress and lifestyle related diseases such as cardiovascular disease. With our help our clients have seen a tangible return from Investing in corporate wellbeing/ health and fitness, the measurable benefits included; improved productivity, managing and ultimately reducing absenteeism.In addition to this our expertise has been proven to increased team cohesion through reducing interdepartmental barriers, facilitating a more autonomous productive working environment.

Packages on offer;

• Events Management

• Team building and objective derived task orientated games

• Generic Health and Fitness risk assessment of your work force

• Health and fitness strategy and delivery

• Proactive and preventative health and fitness solutions

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Over the last seven years Essex Boot Camp has provided teambuilding events for many organisations including: Red Bull, Nortel Networks, Teva Europe, BAA Stansted, Essex County Cricket Club, Essex Police, Abermed, International SOS, Dell and many more across the Uk and Europe.