Day and Weekend Camps

At Essex Boot Camp we believe that the first part of your health and fitness journey no matter what your end goal, is mindset. Our day camps and week end breaks are designed not only to test you, but to help you find out what you are capable of, inspire yourself and others and empower you. Our objective is to install you with a positive, “can do” attitude, self-belief and an increased self-confidence, these powerful tools with help your realize and achieve your goals, in every aspect of your life.


“10% of any given situation is out of your control; however you can influence 90% of any given situation by our response. If our response is positive then we can have an overwhelming influence on even the most damming of situations”


“If you can learn to be positive when all else seems to be failing; you will achieve things that you did not think was possible or achievable” 

“If you never give up…then you can never truly fail”

Upcoming dates

  • EBC day camp – February 2014
  • EBC day camp – April 2014
  • EBC day camp – June 2014
  • EBC Olympics/inter site games – August 2014
  • EBC day camp – October/November 2014

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