Other Services

Everything except the kitchen sink

We offer a massive range of services centred around the concept of bringing mind and body together through a rigorous exercise routine and nutritional diet.

  • Corporate

    It is widely accepted that “the essential skills honed in physical and team based pursuits are directly transferable to the business environment” CBC whole heartedly supports this statement and we use our events to teach and develop these skills.

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  • Schools

    CBC has been providing the premier in outdoor fitness in the UK since 2006, encouraging people outdoors into locations across the county.

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  • Bentwaters

    At CBC we believe that the first part of your health and fitness journey no matter what your end goal, is mindset.

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  • Personal Trainer

    All of CBC's trainers are handpicked and go through a vigorous selection process. Find out more about how you can train at home and see your goals for fitness, achieved.

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