The EBC Diary – Ian Evans

April 10, 2014

The EBC Diary – Ian Evans

Ian Evans – Braintree

My story of hard work at Essex Boot Camp

‘After hitting an all time high of almost 35 stone getting around had become extremely hard to cope with and my weight was not only causing major mobility issues, I no longer fitted this world. I decided I had to start doing something about it and that was to do what most people do without thinking, walking more. After 3 months of making changes to my diet and walking up to 1.5 miles four times a week I felt I was ready to step it up a gear and joined a gym.  I was motivated but lacked direction and focus on what I should be doing in a safe, controlled manner. This was when I meet Mike Kay, Personal Trainer. I had never considered engaging the services of a trainer but having chatted to Mike for half an hour about what I wanted to achieve and how he could help facilitate that I decided it was time to invest in me and give myself the opportunity to make significant changes in my life.    

This has turned out to be the most monumental life changing decision I have made.  The two 1 hour sessions a week with Mike immediately started paying dividends in terms of mobility, fitness and weight loss.  The amount of time spent exercising soon increased and with irrevocable advice, guidance and incredible belief from Mike I was soon able to spend several hours over the week training. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found Mike and without his experience, expertise, drive and unbelievable determination to see me achieve my goals I do not believe I would have got as far as I have so far.

My fitness had increased significantly and I had lost over 10 st when I first tried a Boot Camp session. I turned up on a dark, cold February evening feeling apprehensive as I knew I had already make good progress with my fitness but I was still not capable of running any distance at speed. Being nearly 25 st I was going to be engaging in what I thought would be an unrelenting hard core hour of extreme endurance leaving me feeling ostracised from the group and unable to complete the session. I couldn’t have been further from the reality. At the Braintree Boot Camp I was immediately welcomed by the group who continued to provide encouragement and support throughout the session which at the end left me feeling quite moved. The session started with a warm-up run and stretches followed by the group being split into teams. There was a definite feeling of commerardary and healthy competition between the teams but it was structured in such a way that each member was able to work at the best of their ability with expert guidance and encouragement from the instructor. Whereas I was the unfittest person there and working in part of a team I didn’t feel that I was holding anyone back and it was definitely something I wanted to do again.

A few weeks went by and I returned to the boot camp in earnest and have not looked back. It is about 3 months since I started regularly attending and now having lost a further 4 and a half stone I look forward to meeting up with the other members each week. Being in an office all day I look forward to training outside with a great group of people who have a mixed level of fitness but a common determination to work hard and enjoy the friendly banter between members and instructor. What you get out of it is up to you but the inherent leadership of the expert instructor, diversity of sessions and varying personal challenges combined with the group commerardary will leave you hooked and now at just over 20 st it has become a core part of my training.

No matter what level of fitness you are at,  you work to the best of your ability with an Instructor at hand offering advice and direction to help you progress to where you want to be or stay fit whilst working out in a controlled varied group of likeminded people.’