Plain and simple, fitness!

CBC is a proven out door fitness initiative, empowering and educating its members towards there fitness and practical objectives.

“Mind set is absolute and the key to achieving your goals, in fitness as in day to day life”

  • Train Mind Set

    Focus discipline, confidence, desire to achieve and do better. The overwhelming need for “PURPOSE” and goal setting, for each individual member at Cambs Boot Camp.

  • Training Intensity

    All you have to do is turn up, our highly skilled instructors do the rest.

  • Nutrition

    It takes 30 days to create a habitual behavioral pattern, Cambs Boot Camp's eat clean initiatives are designed with this in mind, educating and empowering you to eat well and feel good.

  • Prove it at CBC events

    Stay task orientated and use your new found fitness at an event with the CBC team, be part of the 100 strong see of red, or test your new found mental strength at an Cambs Boot Camp day camp.