Who we are

With three decades of experience in the fitness industry between them James and Glynn make a knowledgeable and yet formidable team. With differing skill sets and backgrounds, sports science theory and Royal Marine know how, complement each other perfectly.

James Hirst

James joined Essex Boot Camp as a member. His first session was Instructed by Glynn Roberts (see below) and he remembers it well to this day. Over 3 years James experienced all of the physical and mental benefits of outdoor training the Essex Boot Camp way, first as a member and then as an instructor. In 2013, Essex Boot Camp looked to expand and with James Cambs Boot Camp opened . Having been ‘there’, James particularly enjoys working with and encouraging people at the beginning of their fitness journeys.


As a new starter, James found his first few sessions extremely challenging. With the support and encouragement of the Instructors and his fellow members, James pushed on and has now completed numerous personal challenges, including running 20 mile obstacle courses, climbing mountains in Britain and Europe and participating in the Princes Trust Wild Weekend. This experience brings a real understanding of the challenges in front of his members.

Additional Qualifications

James is a keen ice climber and has climbed extensively around Wales and Scotland as well as in the Alps. He enjoys challenging himself and others in the great outdoors on a daily basis.

The Team

Every CBC instructor goes through a stringent selection process and an CBC Day camp at RAF Bentwaters, no CBC instructor would expect a participant to do anything he/she couldn’t or wouldn’t do first.

Successful CBC team members are handpicked by the directors, once they have met the desired standard of personal fitness and practical teaching ability. With a vast array of dedicated fitness professionals at our disposal, CBC instructors really are Out door fitness specialists in their own right.

Become an instructor

Do you have what it takes to be an EBC instructor email us at