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    Premier outdoor fitness

    Cambs Boot Camps are developed and delivered to you by EBC Fitness Ltd. Providing unique outdoor exercise solutions in Essex since 2006 and Cambridgeshire since 2013.

    We are not a course of 6 or 8 weeks, we are an ongoing outdoor fitness initiative, motivating and supporting you 52 weeks of the year.

    • Mind Set

      At Cambs Boot Camp we believe that if you train your mind, your body will follow.. “what the mind believes the body achieves”.

    • Setting Goals

      Achieve your goals through addressing mind set, exercising at the right intensity and nutrition with CBC Eat Clean challenges.

    • Nutrition is Fuel

      We pride ourselves on training mind set, so that your training and nutritional requirements fall into place leaving you with long lasting sustainable results.

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    We are everywhere, no excuses

    You can find us every day in and around Cambridge, and quickly too!

    Find your nearest Cambs Boot Camp site, and join today.

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    Versatile Prices

    From Unlimited training, to 10 session cards, we have a supurb range of packages to suit the you as an individual or a group.

    • CBC +5

      This is our starter package, £39.00 will deliver five sessions at CBC to be used at any site within 6 weeks of purchase.

    • CBC +10

      The next step up from the Plus 10, £65.00 offers ten sessions at CBC to be used at any site within 12 weeks of purchase.

    • 12 Month

      The 12 month commitment via direct debit at £48.00p/m. Train where you like, when you like!

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    Anything from a cold war airbase to a commando training weekend.
    CBC Day Camps/CBC Weekends/CBC Events.

    • CBC Day Camps

      At CBC we pride ourselves on training “Mind Set” so that your training and nutritional requirements fall into place, meaning you get the sustainable results.

    • CBC Week End Camps

      From the Royal Marine training center, to beach training, nutritional seminars, yoga and pilates our bespoke packages. We will educate and empower participants to not only realise their full potential, but fulfil it.

    • CBC Olympic Games

      With pride represent your site at the CBC games, prove that your site is the fittest, fastest and strongest with an opportunity to win the famous CBC’s convened golden boot.

    • CBC Team Trainer

      Be part of the Cambs Boot Camp Team, run sites and play your part at a host of events that members attend across the year. Make a real fitness impact and see real results in your trainees, join us today!

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    See the action

    Seeing is believing!

    See what happens at Cambs Boot Camp and judge the action for yourself, we know you will want to take part!

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